Foodie Pen Pals!

Ok, so this is something that is a bit off topic for the normal content of the blog, but I am still going to post this!

About two months ago I was flipping through a new friend, Jane’s blog and she talked about Foodie Pen Pals. That took me over to another cool blog, where I first got to see who this Foodie Pen Pal creator was. So with Jane and Lindsay giving me inspiration, I joined in all the fun!

June was my first month to participate in it.  I was hooked up with sweet Susan and was able to send her a fun foodie package with some yummy treats. 


This is what Susan wrote to me after she got her package:

“What a difference you made in my day !!!!  I arrived home hot and tired from running errands to find my very first foodie pen pal box waiting on my porch ! I could barely wait to open it, tossing my keys and purse aside and opening the box to find your choices for me !  Let me just say, I was delighted !

I have never tried a “Luna” bar before, but it was the perfect afternoon snack and so yummy.  This morning I had the crackers, organic berry jam and nut spread with a glass of hot tea. The crackers are so crunchy (and healthy) and perfect paired with cheese and jam.  The nut spread was creamy and perfect with apple slices.  It won’t last long either as my mother will be visiting soon and I hope I manage to save a little to share with her. It all felt very decadent as I savored every bite.  What great ideas you had when pairing these items together.  Moreover, I visited websites for all of the items you chose and have even linked to a couple of them.
I am so glad I found out about foodie pen pals and decided to join in the fun !  Thank you so very much for your thoughtfulness in choosing items for my foodie box.  It truly brightened my day, helped open my eyes to other healthy food choices, and was enjoyed thoroughly !!!!

You rock !”

Thank you Susan for your kind words, and again, I am so glad you enjoyed your package!

The next day I got the most wonderful package from another awesome gal, Kelsey.


Let me tell you, Kelsey knew just what to get me!  I loved that everything in my box was new to me.

An amazing dark cacao bar, almond butter cacao truffles, orange honey and amazing homemade treats!
I just finished the last nibbles of the dark cocao bar as I started typing this post!

I thought I had more pictures, especially of the amazing treats, but I can not seem to find them at this time.  I will have to get my camera out when I can later this weekend to see if they are on there. 
Let me tell you, even though you can not see the cookie bar treats they were delicious!! My husband, along with a house guest and I devoured the tin within a few days of it’s arrival!  It was really great to taste a bar like treat that was made with super healthy and good for you ingredients!!!
You can find the recipe Kelsey used here
She made a few modifications such as using maple syrup instead of coconut sugar, she added pecans and she used grass-fed butter. Let me tell you, I don’t know how they could have tasted any better!!!

I have used the orange honey on top of my Trader Joe’s gluten free waffles and it is amazing! Great way to get a healthy start to my crazy days!

Thank you again Kelsey for your wonderful box!!! It was a great first Foodie Pen Pal box to receive!

This was a really fun experience and I am already getting ready for Foodie Pen Pals July edition!

Thanks again Lindsay for setting all this up!




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