August Foodie Pen Pals :)

Well it is that time of month again to reveal what my awesome foodie pen pal sent me this month!

My FPP was Natalie from Florida.  She sent a wonderful package filled with great items that were tasty in my mouth and tummy. 

When I opened the box everything was wrapped in pink and purple tissue paper! My favorite colors 🙂



Sadly when I opened the box the jar homemade granola that Natalie made had broke.  But I was able to salvage some of it and it was SO yummy!!!ImageImage


How can you go wrong with dark chocolate?!? In my book you really can’t 🙂
I am weird about coconut, as I like the flavor but I am not huge on the texture, but in this case I really enjoyed the mix with the dark chocolate!Image

I am a huge fan of quinoa and I can not try this type! I have gotten my husband to like it as well, so YAY for a gluten free protein!Image

This has the most amazing smell! I can not wait to get a chance to try it.  I am hoping this weekend will be just such a time 🙂Image

I am such a fan of coconut water! It makes me happy to have one flavored with one of my favorite fruits.  It just made me feel like I was on a beach for just a few minutes!!Image

I pretty much dug into this bar right away as I was so hungry and it was really good!  I am always on the hunt for new (to me) gluten free bars I can have with me for my on the go crazy life!


So here is the package (minus the granola) 🙂

Thanks again Natalie!!!


If you want to see what I sent to Shannon, there is a great post here!

And if you are interested in seeing more about FFP and what it is all about check out this information from the founder, Lindsay!



By Pink and Purple Lemonade

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