2013 Goals

Happy New Year friends!  Hard to believe that another year has come and gone.  In the words of my Great Aunt Doris, “Time just goes faster the older you get.” She is a wise woman 🙂

For 2013, I have decided that there are 13 goals I would like to achieve.

1. Clean eating.  Incoorpoate more gluten free eating into my diet.
2. Participate in at least 12 races.
3. Add 2 new recipes a month to my cooking
4. Read the entire Bible through and increase my prayer life.
5. Read one book a month from my massive collection of unread books.
6. Be off all medications and medicate with natural products/clean eating.
7. Start juicing at least 3 times a week.
8. Complete a triathlon.
9. Reach my weight loss goal.
10. Break a 10 min mile.
11. Make new friends.
12. Write at least 3 blog posts per week!
13. Do at least one activity a month that helps me relax (pedicure, massage, extra sleep, etc)


Well there you have it.  Goals that cover many areas of my life 🙂
Now that they are out there in cyber space I can have accountability with them!

Hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of 2013!!

Be Blessed



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