Back to the Gym :)

Well I am back in the groove. After taking some time off from the gym over the holidays, I am back! It was a bit of a challenge to actually go after work. I was SO tired from not sleeping well for the past few weeks and spending 10 hours with the twins. Last night as I pulled into the parking lot it was packed! Then I remembered that it was the beginning of January so of course many new faces would be there.
I ended up getting back on track with my 5k training. The Color Run is a month away and I really want to be able to run the entire way and be faster than I have been lately. My best 5k time ever is 31 min. I know that is not stellar, but I am not a fast runner. No matter what I do I can not seem to break that 10 min mile. So hopefully with a massive amount of weight loss this year I will finally be able to run that pace for more than a few minutes. The last few run/walks I have done I have had about a 13:30 min mile pace. I still get frustrated at that number. I have many friends who run much faster than that and at times it makes me annoyed when they think they are slow when they run faster than a 10 min mile. So if that is you, sorry, but that is just how I feel. Probably something I need to get over. However, when I am able to run a consistent 10 min pace I will not feel I am a slow runner anymore. I don’t have any ambitions to run like the olympic runners, but a 10 min mile pace is my first goal this year!
Yesterdays workout was 35 min and I accomplished 2.41 miles. This included a warm up and cool down. My first mile was 13:30, and my second mile was 12:50. So slowly improving. Then I lifted weights. I did some leg lifting and a bunch of abs. By the time I arrived home I was ready to pass out. Dinner and a shower needed to happen, and I needed to do laundry. Such an exciting evening.

I really want to start working out in the mornings when I can. Especially the days when I don’t have Zumba or yoga. It would be nice to have a little more time in the evenings to get projects and normal day to day tasks around the house finished. Lately it seems like I have such limited time at home that is not sleep time. I need to reorganize my kitchen, redo my office, and the closet in my office, and put away all the Christmas presents and decorations. So many days I wish I had a house keeper who could come help me. Working 60+ hours a week and trying to stay on top of working out, household chores, shopping for healthy food and cooking, cleaning, spending quality time with my husband can be exhausting at times. Add no sleep to all that and I am ready for another vacation.

Happy for the health challenges for today!
Elf 4 Health: Eat at least 3 food groups at every meal
Clean Start 2013: Track water intake

Well hope everyone has a great day!

By Pink and Purple Lemonade

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