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Hello everyone!  It has been an eventful few weeks, and I have not been doing that great at keeping up with the blog.  I have been working on getting home internet, which will help a TON, but have run into some issues along the way that root back to my identity theft.  Since my identity was stolen I can not even begin to count the hundreds of hours I have had to spend on the phone for simple reasons, such as getting the internet hooked up.
This is what happened in a nutshell last Friday: I called to finally have proper internet at our house…and according to the agent I spoke with everything was all ready to go, even after I alerted her that my identity had been stolen and they would probably need to verify it was really me. Several minutes after hanging up thinking that everything was a-ok, I receive and email saying that they were not able to process my order and to call them. So I called and a fraud specialist came on the line to say I needed to call (#A) and give them the correct information. So I call #A and they give me #B to call. I call #B and it is just an automated system with lots of options that I do not need. So I call #A back to see if they can help me. The next agent I spoke to said #A was incorrect and to call #C. So I call #C, and what do you know, it is a recording to tell me to call #B!!! So I call #A again, and get a different agent, and after I explain I already called #B and #C, he says that those are wrong and to try to call #D (M-Th) or #E (Fri). So I call #E and it gives me an automated message with a NEW number to call, #F. I call #F and it is the same automated system from #B with a bunch of information that is NOT helpful to my situation. Can we say ANNOYING!

I eventually look up the company and they have a location here in Houston and so I call them, hoping to at least get a real person on the phone! After another lovely automated system, I finally reach a real person and I am transferred several times before I actually reach a person who can answer my question. After ALL that I need to submit my request in writing and mail it to GA!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH

Speaking of identity theft, two weekends ago my car was broken into!  Ahhh again.  Not a fun experience at all! Not cool robbers, not cool.
IMG_5611IMG_5605   IMG_5606IMG_5603
So, needless to say, it was not a fun middle of the weekend.  I was at a birthday party for a sweet 2 year old.  My car, along with one other car were broken into.  Such a huge pain.  I rarely carry a purse, but this day it had been pouring down rain and so I actually had one.  Once I arrived at the party it had stopped raining and I figured I didn’t need my purse then.  When I realized the window had been smashed in, I saw that my purse (and two new umbrellas I had just bought at Target) was missing!!! AHHH.  Right away I was on the phone with the bank canceling my cards.  In the few minutes from the robbers taking the purse and me calling the bank they managed to buy a tank of gas.  Everything else was canceled before they did any more damage.  I didn’t have any cash, just my license, a few gift cards and some random club cards and library cards.
Overall it was just a huge pain to get everything replaced.

My words of wisdom from this experience:
1. Don’t leave your purse/bag in the car, no matter how safe the area.
2. Have phone numbers for financial institutions you have cards with (banks, credit cards, etc) in your phone.  It makes it so much easier to call and have the current cards canceled and new ones sent.
3. When getting a quote for a replacement window, call multiple places and also find out from your insurance has any deals.  Even though my deductible was too high, I got a price through my insurance agency for a fraction of the price from the same company who wanted to charge me an arm and a leg.
4. Breath! As much of a pain as it is to deal with all of this, I am SO thankful that no one was hurt at the party.

If anyone has any more questions regarding stolen information or identity theft, let me know.  I am somewhat of an expert these days.

Well, that’s all folks 🙂



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