Workout Review

Workouts for January 13-18
Well, this week was pretty good with my workouts! I was really proud of myself for pushing it and getting in some sort of workout Sunday-Thursday (Friday if you count the almost 2 miles I walked in the airports).
Here is a little recap:

Sunday: I went to the gym and knocked out week 5, day 3 of my 5k training plan. In 31 min I did 2.3 miles. Averaging 13:29 min mile. It was a little challenging since I have been out of running longer times, but I was happy that I did it. It was a great start to the week and it helped after taking Saturday off from the gym. I also did some major organizing and cleaning at home, so that blasted even more calories.

Monday: Zumba was tonight! I am finding that I am beginning to get more comfortable with some of the moves and I don’t feel like I am a complete idiot the entire class. The instructor is so sweet and encouraging and I really have enjoyed her instruction. 🙂

Tuesday: Another day of 5k training. Week 6, day 1. I have started doing some sprints after the completion time with the training program that will hopefully help get my pace a bit faster. I completed 3.2 miles in 43 minutes. Averaging 13:26 min pace.

Wednesday: This was an easy workout day. Just 15 min on the elliptical and then I did leg weights.

Thursday: The weather finally cleared up from all the rain and I got to take the babies out for a nice long jog/walk. In 48 min we went 3.25 miles. The trail we went on was full of hills, so the pace was a LOT slower than I have been running. My focus for this day of week 6, day 2 of 5k training is to gain more endurance. The official training run was only 33 min, and I managed to do about 2.10 miles in that time. Overall my average pace was 14:45.
A wonderful reason I love running with the twins is that they think they are going fast! They love it and have a blast, which helps the time go faster.

Friday: Walking in the Houston and Chicago airports…

I did not really planning to get any workouts in during my weekend in Chicago. I didn’t even bring my workout gear with me on the trip, which is HUGE for me. I always get at least some sort of workout in when I am traveling. My plan was to just enjoy the time I have with my friends. I feel this is just one more step in the right direction in terms of my continued recovery.

By Pink and Purple Lemonade

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