Color Run

So I have joined another challenge for 2013! It seems like everyday there is some sort of challenge that I am partaking it!  I really need to start being better and writing about everything and what I am learning!

Anyways, I happened across this super great blog which I know will help me stay on top of running this year.  I did my first race of the year this past weekend.  I used it as my first of 13 (at least) races that I will do this year.  Jill has set up an amazing way to add in extra races by doing virtual races 6 different times this year 🙂  I just joined the challenge so I figured I would make the Color run my first race and virtual race too!
Jill even crated a super fun running bib to wear.  I didn’t actually wear this once since I had a bib for my Color Run.

About the color run:  A few people have asked how it went.  Overall it wasn’t a horrible experience, but I am not 100% sure if I would do one of these again.  Maybe I would try it with a different organization.

Since I have done many races (more than 20 but can’t remember the exact number right now), I feel I can tell if a race is well organized or not.  In my opinion, the size of the race does not have to mean it is more or less organized.  I have been in races as small as 100 people, and as large as 45,000!  Certain organizations have been putting races on for many years, and they are usually VERY organized, even if they are in different cities. For example, the Rock ‘n Roll race series is amazing! I have completed 5 of my 7 half marathons with them, all in different cities!  I could see where that could lead to some confusion since there are SO many competitors and spectators.  However, each and every time, I have been impressed at the flow of this very well oiled machine! But I digress….So back to the color run.  One aspect that I really did like was that a friend was able to pick up my race packet.  Since I live on the other side of town from where packet pickup was going on, my friend was gracious enough to pick it up for me.  Color in Motion even provided a waiver to sign for someone else to pick up your packet.  Another great aspect was that I only paid half price for the race.  I was able to get a voucher through Living Social so that was pretty cool 🙂

A few things I would have done differently.  First being the parking!!! The even was held at Reliant stadium, which is a pretty popular place to hold events.  I am not 100% sure the number of participants in the race, but somewhere around 1,200.  For Reliant stadium, that is really not a lot of people.  So why were we sitting in ‘parking traffic’ for almost 30 minutes and not moving??  In the end my friend, her brother and I just got out of the car and walked to the start line.

I know it was only a 5k, but some of us just need water along the way.  The course only had 1 water station, and when we arrived (and we were in the middle of the pack), they were out of water and handed us small dixie cups with ice.  Ice? Ok, not to be dramatic, and maybe I am not the norm, but it is hard to run with ice in my mouth.  I felt I was going to choke.  I ended up tossing my cup to the side along with many other people.

Then there was the color stations.  I knew this was a color run, and that I was going to get colored starch thrown at me while I was running. However, right at the start line the crowd was going a little crazy and the starch was going everywhere, and the guy in charge of releasing each wave said to not inhale the starch! Well that was not what I wanted to hear.  Each color station was about 15-20 feet long and there were people along the sides throwing the starch on all of us. They were each wearing masks and I can only imagine they had a hard time breathing.  During each color station, I had to hold my breath as I ran through.  If I was in charge I would have had people all along the race course every couple hundred feet throwing the color on people.

So other than those little things I would change if I could, the race wasn’t bad.  I am thankful I had a friend to run it with 🙂

Here are a few pics from our race.  I can not take any credit for them.  They were all taken by my friend’s husband!  Thanks Jon 🙂


By Pink and Purple Lemonade

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